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Temperate mining planet.
A planet of seas and plateaus with scattered urban areas.
Astrogation Data:
Outer Rim Territories, Greater Javin
1 Billion
Lutrillians – a humanoid species with broad, wrinkled features, pointed ears, and hair growing from their heads and cheeks. Thick skin and a layer of blubber bolstered them against physical damage and harsh cold.
Nothoiins – a golden-skinned humanoid species, native to the planet Nothoiin in the Ivax Nebula. They possess innate piloting abilities and are often drawn to criminal activities.
Ugnaughts – a short, porcine humanoid species with slightly upturned noses. Ugnaughts are industrious and loyal workers, able to withstand long periods of discomfort, and live to around two hundred years of age.
Basic, Ugnaught
Major Exports:
Ores, gems
Trade Routes:
Corellian Trade Spine, Ione-Isis hyperroute

Ione was a thriving spaceport world lying along the Corellian Trade Spine in the remote Anoat sector, within the Greater Javin region of the Outer Rim Territories. Originally settled by the Galactic Republic centuries before the Galactic Civil War, Ione occupied a critical intersection point on the Trade Spine that made the planet the sole hyperspace entry point to the region’s four Mining Worlds the Figg Excavations mining company used Ione as its staging point for operations throughout the surrounding area. Years later, during the height of the Galactic Civil War, Imperial Star Destroyers from Darth Vader’s personal Death Squadron likewise used the Ions system as their staging point for launching reconnaissance Viper probe droids to neighboring planets in search of the secret Rebel Alliance base.

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Ione Garrison
The Imperial Garrison on Ione is a prefab building built around an ancient monastery or abbey.
In hidden storage rooms, darkened murals of strange, golden gods towering over working men and women were discovered by the Moonshine crew.
The old cloister is in the center, open to the elements. A dried-up fountain sits in the middle of the square and small scrubby bushes surround it. The garrison has two hanger bays, a medical bay, prisoner holding cells, and the facilities to hold about 150 soldiers.

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