Alaris Prime

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Alaris Prime:
Terrestrial rainforest moon.
Large areas of rainforest and ocean cover the surface of this moon.
Points of Interest:
Jedi Temple
Wookiee Village
Native Species:
Gnasp – large were wasp-like insects.
Gundark – big, red, multi-armed predators.
Wookiee Colonists

 photo Alaris Prime_zpsazy6asxm.jpg

Alaris is a moon of Alaris in the Alaris Expanse of the Kashyyyk system. Alaris Prime’s temperate forest and ocean ecosystem is highly similar to Kashyyyk, including gargantuan wroshyr trees and fierce gundarks.
The Jedi Temple was explored by the Moonshine’s crew and is presumed collapsed in the ensuing battle. Many of the Wookiee colonists were captured by the Empire. They were later freed in a siege on Imperial Star Destroyer Dauntless.

Alaris Prime

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